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suffer, endure - go through or be subjected to; "He suffered the penalty"; "Quite a few saints endured martyrdom"

go through, sustain, have, get - endure (as of injuries and sicknesses); "She experienced a fracture while in the accident"; "He experienced an insulin shock following eating 3 sweet bars"; "She acquired a bruise on her leg"; "He got his arm broken while in the scuffle"

(= function experienced) → Erlebnis nt; I'd a terrible experience → mir ist etwas Unangenehmes passiert; the demo was a very terrible experience → der Prozess war eine sehr unangenehme Sache; it was a painful experience → es war schmerzlich (geh); to put up with some horrible experiences → viel durchmachen; what an experience! → das war vielleicht was!; it had been a whole new experience for me → es war völlig neu für mich

A new optional 4 air bag supplementary restraint system (SRS) with six-way occupant protection was also obtainable. This new air bag system included SafetyCanopy dual side curtain air luggage for head, higher torso and rollover security.

Google doodle for now celebrates the journey in the just about 20-12 months-outdated spacecraft. Cassini, which has stayed within the House for 13 extended several years, is currently beginning final leg of its exploration journey.

to acquire no cash; to lose funds. I am unable to pay out you now as I am away from pocket at the moment. platsak wees فارِغ الجَيْب، بِدون مال нямам джобни bolso vazio být bez peněz, být švorc mit leeren Taschen være helt blank είμαι ξεπαραδιασμένος estar sin blanca, estar sin un duro rahatu پول نداشتن olla rahaton en être de sa poche לִהיוֹת חָייַב धन खत्‍म हो जाना biti bez novca ki van fogyva a pénzből; kiköltekezett tidak punya uang essere al verde 金がない (돈이) 없다 neturėti pinigų būt naudas grūtībās tdk ada wang geen geld hebben, slecht bij kas zijn være blakk ponieść stratę pieniężną پيسى نه لرل быть без средств nemať peniaze ostati praznih žepov nemati novca ligga ute med pengar หมดกระเป๋า parasız olmak, parası olmamak 賠錢 бути без грошей پيسہ نہ ہونا cạn túi 赔钱

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Having said that, in place of acquiring a simple, static impression of your underground, in 4-D imaging the improvements in buildings and properties of underground formations are noticed eventually. Since the fourth dimension in four-D imaging is time, It is usually called four-D ‘time lapse’ imaging.

The centuries adhering to the European arrivals would begin to see the culmination of this effort, as People pushed westward through the continent, enticed via the lure of riches, open land plus a need to fufill the nation’s manifest destiny.

It had been a winding, wonkish and infrequently obscure discussion about international coal exploration, organic-gas pipelines and pig manure as an influence supply.

It hasn't; and we venture to express our confident perception, that it by no means will. To her reference to Browning then, Vavasor did not venture a reply. The contrary, I venture to Imagine, is The purpose of view of Many of us. I say this not simply at a venture, but on the toughness of what has occurred up to now. She was too totally unacquainted with the bottom to venture.

"I'll venture a rover with you, or try out long-butts or hoyles," reported outdated why not check here Johnston. She felt that she did not know Andrew well adequate to venture to try this. I wished Substantially to determine my sister, but was worried to venture on that. During the North and at Washington his venture was regarded with alarm. The treasuries of regional speech had been all also weak to clothe so wild a venture.

Never be misled a 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain guarantee would not assure a decade of free of charge repairs for your vehicle. It generally handles just the motor and transmission, alongside with almost every other relocating components that bring about the wheels, similar to the driveshaft and continual velocity joints.

Religious Motivations The impulse for exploration was further fueled with the European creativity. The idea of “The usa” antedated America’s discovery and in many cases Viking exploration. That concept experienced two elements: 1 paradisiacal and utopian; one other savage and risky. Historic tales described distant civilizations, normally to the west, wherever European-like peoples lived straightforward, virtuous life without war, famine, sickness, or poverty.

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